Black x Sage is fostering a new ecosystem where healers, creators, storytellers, and teachers can share their talents with the communities they cherish and serve. 

We are in the process of developing a decentralized space dedicated to fostering community transformation through creative and healing practices without relying on exploitative methods for sustainability. With a deep commitment to innovation, a high ethic of care, and intentional action, BxS operates with love, integrity, and care at the forefront. Whether it's through dialogue, events, or pivotal moments, BxS consistently upholds these principles, ensuring a safe and nourishing environment for everyone involved.



Courtney Alexander is a multimedia artist, writer, and the visionary behind Black x Sage. Her artistic journey began with her groundbreaking "Dust II Onyx" tarot deck, which raised over $80,000 through crowdfunding and became the first widely distributed deck created by a Black artist, selling 4,000 copies to date. Her work, which explores themes of identity, spirit, and the dimensions of blackness, extends beyond traditional media into dynamic community engagement.

Courtney's commitment to empowering and educating through art has made significant impacts, including teaching workshops and creating installations that celebrate and honor the power of young women of color. She continues her creative and educational endeavors from Indianapolis, Indiana, where she furthers her mission to foster a space for creative and spiritual growth.